VATTICA logo, scifi design with sharp edge

VATTICA represents part of the new wave of rock; inspired by the authentic, infectious energy of the iconic, guitar-driven bands of the 90’s re-imagined through the anthemic pop sensibilities and polarizing political landscape of today. From their home base in Los Angeles, CA, VATTICA creates high energy music and videos, and produces multidisciplinary live events for everyone hoping for and working towards a better tomorrow for their communities, the climate, and our world.

The name VATTICA is a cobbled-together word made up of syllables: the Old English word vat (faet), meaning vessel, and the Latin roots vatic/vatical (of or characteristic of a prophet or oracle), and ah (exclamation expressing surprise/irony).


VATTICA is led by singer/songwriter Alexander Millar (they/he), a non-binary queer activist. Alex is also a member of Good Trouble Makers, an anti-racist queer artist collective based in Los Angeles and working internationally.


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